SAP-OutSystems solution Architectur in Buying Portal

What is SAP-OutSystems

SAP-OutSystems is a SAP-LowCode solution architecture format where companies run SAP as the best-of-breed ERP software for their business administration and use OutSystems Low Code
Make your buying process a simple and transparent process for all stakeholders being your business, buyers, Vendors or your legal department. Invite people to collaborate throughout the buying process.
 tooling for business innovation and differentiation. OutSystems can  integrate with SAP in a save and secure manner by using the embedded integration functionality in their development environment. Main benefits of using a SAP-OutSystems solution Architecture is that you can keep SAP standard and re-use all functionality and data that is part of your SAP ERP back-end. You can even built simple native apps wit OutSystems. For more complex apps and customer facing apps B-Synergy recommends to use Flutter

SAP-OutSystems (or outsystems-sap) is a powerfull combination of flexibility and speed without compromising stability.