Buying Portal Catalogues are part of our prucure-to-pay suite that enables your business to find the right buying channel

Buying Portal | SAP - OutSystems Low Code

Off-the-shelf Purchase-to-Pay suite, easy to integrate, roll-out and adapt.

OutSystems Low Code off-the-shelf Buying Portal

The buying portal was build in the OutSystems Low Code platform to ensure maximum flexibility and speed of change.

Low Code

Low Code enables us to speed up application delivery and adaptation. In a few weeks B-Synergy can adapt the application in such way that it will fit all your business requirements 100 %.  Together with the buying portal you will get the great benefits of Low Code, unless you have already experienced Low Code.
Buying portal uses native SAP integration directly from OutSystems with SAP native security


OutSystems is a best-of-breed Low Code platform. We used OutSystems to develop the Buying portal and can therefor easily and rapidly deploy the solution to your OutSystems cloud or on-premise environment. On request our procure-to-pay Buying Portal can also be delivered in the  Wavemaker Low Code platform.
Buying Portal was build on OutSystems Low Code and can be installed on you cloud or on-premise OutSystems platform.


OutSystems generates Microsoft .NET code. The buying portal is therefor a sustainable application as Microsoft .net will remain one of the most used programming frameworks for the future. However on request our Buying portal can also be delivered as a beta version on a cost efficient open Source Java Low Code solution.
Buying Portal is build in Microsoft using OutSystems Low Code


Off-course you can build you own purchase-to-pay solution in OutSystems or buy SAP's Ariba, both good options. Neither of them competes in speed, or price with our Procure-to-pay Buying Portal. Neither of them has the robust linked data engine that we have specifically designed for business administration processes.

Benefits off-the-shelf software

When you are considering implementing new software to support or enhance your purchase-to-pay processes running in SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA or SAP SRM, you may have the option of buying an off-the-shelf product instead of developing your own program in SAP.

Many SAP solutions to enhance your business processes are available from SAP Partners running on a SAP stack. Most of them come at a staggering price and do not bring a flexible layer that can change fast along with your business processes.

When it is logical to choose an immediate off-the-shelf solution,  this comes with advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making a decision.

Software packages running on a Low Code platform have the benefit of changing the packaged software to your exact requirements fast without losing the benefit of packaged software like cost benefits of off-the-shelf software.

The procure-to-pay suite Buying Portal delivered by B-Synergy comes with a care-free service contract for implementation, maintenance and upgrades of your custom configured packaged solution.

Some packaged solutions cover non-functional requirements such as security or data caching. These modules can be installed separately and come for free with the platforms. However B-Synergy is very much aware of security and the risks that insecure SAP-Low Code integration pose to companies. Therefor the security modules can be implemented when required after a thorough analysis of your SAP-Low Code installation.

The main reason for rising TCO of OutSystems applications is that companies fail to muster the required patience and discipline to build an architecture that can handle change. Isn't it so that most companies buy Low Code to deliver software fast? A very common effect in Low Code development is that companies are building their own Low Code legacy fast. Re-using architectural knowledge and developed modules spread over several customers is giving the economy of scale benefits but also re-use best practice Low Code architectures. If you outsource development to a third-party company or use internal developers to create a program in either OutSystems or any other Low Code platform, your business has to bear all the costs, including increasing cost of change and maintenance.

SAP - OutSystems Low Code

Buying off-the-shelf OutSystems packages typically works out cheaper than paying for bespoke development even though development in OutSystems is fast, in reality most software is complex and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) goes up exponentially.
Off-the-shelf SAP-LowCode modules should be good to go as soon as you pay for them and load them onto your LowCode platform.
Standard SAP enhanced with our procure-to-pay Buying Portal packaged OutSystems Solutions will save time and costs.
Our packaged software solutions allows you to focus on your most important functional requirements while all technical and non-functional requirements have been taken care of.
For building these standard software packaged B-Synergy uses a blend of Low Code and Rapid Development tools that are best of breed in the market. For web use cases B-Synergy chooses OutSystems because OutSystems runs on a standard Microsoft architecture with C# and .NET.

Immediate Implementation and Proven Technology

Off-the-shelf SAP-Low Code modules should be good to go as soon as you pay for them and load them onto your Low Code platform. B-Synergy uses proven technology and has a track record with customers. Unless the SAP-Low Code Solution Packages are newly launched our software will have gone through extensive research and development procedures and pre-launch testing, so you shouldn't have to waste any time dealing with bugs. If a program perfectly meets one or more of your needs, there may be little point investing time and money in developing a version of something that already exist

Beware of the Low Code legacy monster, it bites!

Low code is fast and easy to learn, no IT skills needed, one week training is enough to get certified developers. These marketing rhetoric where promises made by many a Low Code vendor tell you that your IT backlog is over when you adopt Low Code. read this article on the pitfalls and broken expectations. Avoid complexity creeps and the architecture monster.

OutSystems is great but beware of Low Code legacy
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