Buying Portal Catalogues are part of our prucure-to-pay suite that enables your business to find the right buying channel

Buying Portal | Catalogs

Find the right Buying Channel through our Buying Catalogs

Managed E-Catalogs to quickly find what you need

Let your business stakeholders find vendors, products, services and contracts and guide them to the right buying channel.

For Business

Business Stakeholders can search through catalogs to find the right Buying Channel. They can search for vendors, products, services or scheduling agreements to use. Connect with your Purchasing Department and Vendor to follow your Purchase Requests
Let vendors upload and manage their sales catalogue through the Vendor portal

For Vendors

Agree on Services and Products and let your Vendors manage and upload their catalog. In this way your Business is easily guided to the right Vendor. Multiple Catalogs can be created and managed by your Purchasing Department using click & drag functionality
Create and manage Buying catalogues for your business stakeholders to guide the to the right buying channels

For Buyers

Create new product Catalogs. Add user authorizations to Catalogs. Make your Catalog country or Product Group specific or even manageable by your Vendor. Take full control of the Catalogs and the Catalog content you wish to publish for your Business Stakeholders
Integrate your SAP or any other ERP system to synchronize and manage product categories, Vendor, and contracts

For IT

Automatically provide your Purchase Department with Vendors from your SAP ERP system, your SRM system or any other Business Application that holds data relevant for Buyers or Business Stakeholders. Synchronize relevant contracts, vendor or product information

Search or click through your Buying Catalogs

Your Business Users can browse and search through their catalog(s) to find exactly what they need. The catalog was created for their Business Unit by their Purchasing Department. Your business colleagues can search through Vendors, Materials, Services and even Contracts if you wish so. The smart auto tagging tool embedded in the Buying Portal will even create smart tags for all your materials, services, vendors and agreements, so they can be found easily and fast. These materials, services, vendors and contract tags can be created from any source such as your SAP ERP system, SAP SRM system, your Vendor Catalog using c-XML or even a simple excel.

All that is presented to your Business Unit but controlled and managed by the Purchasing Officer. The Purchasing Department is in full control of the Buying Catalog content in a user friendly, click & drag manner.

When a product, service or vendor is not in the Buying Catalog, your Business can initiate a Purchasing Request. Your Business' Customer can use a document template, request a Vendor, add notes, add documents or build designs. Anything to get a full overview of the Purchasing Requirements they may have. They can follow the entire sourcing process because of the transparent Purchasing Process. Your business will feel engaged in the total process, but the Purchasing Department remains in control; at all times.

Avoid Ghost Buying by your Business by offering them a transparent and intuitive solution that will provide in their Buying needs.

Manage your Catalog

A search experience like you are used to from Google to find Vendors, Contracts, products and services. 

User group specific catalogs to separate Buying Processes for countries, Dangerous Goods or HR. 

Integrate SAP data or any other source, smart-tag data like Contracts, Purchase Orders, Products and Services.

Easy Click and Drag Catalog Management. Re-use SAP Product Categories, extend them for your Buying Process or reduce and aggregate Categories.

User friendly, user oriented interface to attract your Business will avoid Ghost Buying outside the scope of your Purchasing Department.