B-Synergy is the specialist in SAP - LowCode. We use SAP -OutSystems architectures but also use Flutter for mobile and Wavemaker Low Code for java and native SAP integration.

About B-Synergy SAP - Low Code

B-Synergy can guide you on your SAP - Low Code Journey

B-Synergy builds Business Applications in the ERP arena. We specialize on integrating and extending ERP software with Web and Mobile applications. 

Our researchers investigate new programming tools such as Low Code offerings to understand which platform gives our customers the most cost-efficient, speedy and sustainable experience. B-Synergy tries to be brand agnostic, supporting SAP, OutSystems, Wavemaker and Flutter. Many of our Customers rely on B-Synergy's expertise. We will always choose the best fit for you!

Packaged Software for OutSystems Low Code
Off-the-shelf and ready to implement Low Code Software Packages for SAP Plant Maintenance and Procure-to-Pay Business Processes
Customer Low Code development projects in OutSystems Wavemaker and Flutter

Low Code  & RAD Development

We support your projects to build your Web- or Mobile applications in OutSystems, Microsoft .NET, Wavemaker (Java) or Flutter (Dart)
Consultancy on Low Code, SAP or Flutter development
Develop Solution Architectures based on best practice SAP Low Code scenarios. Assessments of existing (Low-) Code and SAP - OutSystems Security
Drammertje Baas

Traffic Manager Back-Office & your first point of contact

Marta Fonseca

OutSystems Developer & Functional Tester

Koen van Halder

Customer Engagement Manager

Jurgen Bettonviel

Software Architect & Chief Technical Officer

Rene Heckler has worked for Heineken and is now part of Total Gas & Power.

"I would like to recommend Erwin from B-Synergy. He is a true visionary in his field, was very inspiring to work with but also he can take his vision into practice"
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Total Gas & Power
Rene Heckler - Total Gas & Power
For Stedin High Voltage, the project team with B-Synergy built a Field Service app and a Maintenance Control app. 

“If you want to continuously improve together, you always need a good basis. That has certainly been accomplished with B-Synergy"
Roy Coonen
Roy Coonen - Stedin
"B-Synergy helped with the creation of an essential business app in OutSystems. It has been a pleasure to work with the team.

"The B-Synergy team is professional and their pragmatic approach guarantees quality, ensuring an effective implementation"
Walther Berk

Walter Berk - Royal Boskalis