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Low Code Buying Suite to easily guide your Business to the right Buying Channel


Fitting your Business


Faster Implementation


Process Transparency

Simplifying your Purchase Process

Buying Portal Catalogues to find all your business needs.


Control your buying catalogs using click and drag functionality to add existing vendors, products, services or contracts. 

Invite your vendors to manage and upload their sales catalog into your buying catalog.

Buying Portal process


Make your buying process an easy to use, transparent process for all your stakeholders like Business, Buyers, Vendors or Legal Department.

Invite people to collaborate throughout the buying process.

Buying Portal shopping cart


Create Purchase Orders, Requests or Contracts. 

Design templates for Business Stakeholders to use creating Purchasing documents. One-click SAP Purchasing Document creation from the Buying Portal.

Cloud or on premises procure to pay suite


The Buying Portal will be rolled-out in 2-3 weeks. It can run on-premise or in the cloud and uses native SAP Security to connect to SAP. 

All Purchasing relevant (ERP) Software or data can be connected to the Buying Portal.

Over the next 10 years, companies will face more opportunities and disruption than ever before. Digital Transformation will accelerate as powerful Technologies like Low Code mature. Given that up to 65 percent of the value of a company’s products or services is derived from its suppliers, procurement will play a leading role in enabling this transformation.

Procurement Organizations will improve their process by creating a holistic view on all aspects of the Purchasing Process. New capabilities will emerge and the best way to embrace them quick is by using a platform that has Low Code capabilities. Rapid changing circumstances such as a COVID-19 pandemic call for a Buying Solution that is easy to align with the demand for changing Buying Processes. Procurement will transform the work it does and the value it brings to an organization by being able to quickly adapting to change.

purchase-to-pay procvess flow buying portal

Search, Request, Source & Order

Accelerate your search for qualified vendors, request pricing quotes, source services or materials, and create best-value agreements

for sustainable savings with all your sourcing needs.

4 easy steps to Purchasing

To negotiate best-value sourcing agreements - the kind that provide sustainable savings - you need the right strategic sourcing environment. One that's connected to your (Social) Network and built with superior Low Code tools & expertise, establishing a 100% fit to your Procurement Process.

This is exactly what you’ll get with B-Synergy's Buying Platform. Incorporating tight integration to Social Networks like LinkedIn, XING or any other, you will have connections to millions of companies and people. Buying Portal Sourcing and Strategic Sourcing Solutions provide the features and benefits you need to deliver the best sourcing results, fully enabling your Enterprise and Social Network.

Empower your Social Network to cut-out the middleman and create sustainable savings after negotiating your contracts using the Strategic Sourcing Solution. Asses risk, create contracts from your company contract templates or start bidding processes through the Buying Platform Auction Solution. Invite Translators or Lawyers to assist you in your negotiations with global suppliers, manufacturers or other partners.

Search, Request, Source & Order

Search Vendors, Contracts, Products and Services. You will find what you need fast through smart auto-tagging functionalities.
Request what you need by using easy to maintain document templates that can be pre filled with vendor or product information.
Source your product or service by creating RFQ documents or start an auction on your Vendor Portal and negotiate the agreement.

You can order by reaching an agreement with a Vendor or call off services directly if a contract already exists.

Save costs and improve your Purchase Process

Benefits of the buying portal purchase-to-pay suite

Aggregate and classify all purchases, Enterprise-wide

Aggregate and classify your one off purchases enterprise wide for all your companies and purchase departments globally and source them in one bidding process directly from your suppliers across the globe.
Benefits of the buying portal purchase-to-pay suite

Create and manage Business specific Buying Catalogs

Create generic or specialized catalogs, assign business user groups to catalogs and make it as comfortable for your business stakeholders to find what they are looking for in one simple search action.
Benefits of the buying portal purchase-to-pay suite

Standardize Source-to-Contract processes across Business and Purchasing Departments

Create country specific standardized document templates to generate the purchasing document you and your business can use. Generate standard NDA's, change them in runtime and post them in the Vendor portal so you can negotiate and sign the first contract of a new or existing Vendor.
Benefits of the buying portal purchase-to-pay suite

Drive Materials Cost Savings by consolidating the Purchasing Process

Drive your cost savings, not only by enabling and extending your Vendor network but also by reducing your time-to-purchase process time.
Benefits of the buying portal purchase-to-pay suite

Involve Subject Matter Experts in your Purchasing Process

While Vendor, Purchasing Department and Business Stakeholders are accountable or responsible, they can not do this without being supported by consulting roles such as Product Specialists, Legal Advisors or Tax Advisors. Invite your consultants to join a Purchasing Process so all have a single version of the truth on your Purchasing Process.

Benefits of the buying portal purchase-to-pay suite

Create your own Sourcing (Social) Network without additional costs

Why would you pay tons of euro's to join a Vendor Network or burden specialist Vendors with those costs? Use your existing Social Networks, combine them with your Vendor Portal and you are connected to the world in only 3 steps. Use that free network to save costs instead of spending money. Groom your Vendor Network by engaging them in your Sourcing Process, challenge your Network to get your best-value agreement, product and services.
We simplify your SAP procure to pay process by usinf off-the-shelf OutSystems Low Code modules

We simplify your SAP Buying Process

B-Synergy is focused on simplifying Business Processes for companies that run SAP. We use the best of breed Rapid Application Development platforms to keep your costs as low as possible without compromising your Business Processes' complexity and flexibility. We reach our goals by reusing our proven application architecture designed for Low Code platforms. The advantage of Low Code is that it is flexible, enabling us to rapidly extend your solution. Our Buying Portal is therefore a Solution that is fully integrated with SAP, but it can still be tailored to your Business Buying Process in minimal time.

Don't waste money on expensive Vendor Networks

Schedule a demo and learn how you can use your Social Networks to find better service, new products and new vendors. Learn how you can use your network to find Vendors and how the Buying Portal helps you interacting with them. Did you realize that you can reach the whole world within 3 steps? Why would you spend a large sum of money paying for a network that is smaller than the one you already have?